Fine Turf / Fine Cut Mowers Multi Blade

Autumn 2018. The following are in stock now and available. Most have been fully gone through – recently. Or will be, before being delivered.
This is a good time of year to purchase a new mower, – for next year, as we have a good choice and time to get them ready. Our warranty avail. for peace of mind.
In late winter and spring we are very busy with big triple gangs, and gang mower sales etc.


Walk Behind Machines

Currently available: Sept-Oct. 2018.

Now in stock: 2 x Ransomes Super Certes fine cut 61cm Honda engine. Around £790.00.

1 x Ransomes Super Certes fine cut 61cm Honda engine with groomer kit. Around £1180.00

1 x Ransomes super Certes 51cm fine cut Kubota engine. Around £590.00

1x Toro 1600 fine cut 26″ cut multi blade cracking machine. Around £1150.00

I x Masport 51cm (20″) good machine. Fine cut multi blade. Around £500.00

2 x Protea machines. Fine cut and standard cut options. Around £800.00

All the above come with a grass box and fully serviced, sharpened and gone through. Warranty.

Call us for more information on any of these. Photos can be emailed to you of any.

Prices from £400 to £2400.  + vat.

CURRENT STOCK: Ride on triple unit greens etc

Jacobsen Greensking 5 ride on.  Spares or repair.

Jacobsen Greens King 5. With choice of cutters. This is not ready for work and needs things doing to it. Or it can be used for parts to get another machine going etc etc.

There are several cutters, take your pick. Machine drives and runs well, but needs a seal in the lift circuit for the cutters. Please come and have a look.

Price around £850.00 +vat.

CURRENT STOCK: Ride on triple unit greens etc

Toro Greens Triple Petrol. Working.

Toro Greens Master Petrol. Kohler engine. Runs and drives well. For spares or repair. No cutters unfortunately. Just the main machine.

Price around £400.00