Rotary Mowers

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The Following Rotary Mowers are what we have in stock at the moment.  They are available fully gone through, serviced, sharpened and with a warranty.  Or can be supplied as they are for less £.  Or somewhere in between.  We are flexible. Ring or visit for more information.

We hold different stock through the year. Please contact Grass Mowing World with your requirements.

There are several types and sizes of rotary mowers. Some give a high quality of cut, and can be a good alternative to gang mowers.  Especially if you dont need that top quality finish.  And the running costs are less.  Maintenace is simpler!

There are tractor mounted rotarys and self propelled, sizes vary from garden size, right up to 5 metres.  Popular examples that we get in stock, are out front rotarys, with the mower deck right at the front, and are very manoeuvrable, coming in sizes 4 feet cut (48″) right up to 6 feet (72″) but 60 inches is the most common size.  There are mid mounted deck type, (deck under the driver – middle of the machine / tractor), and these come with or without collectors. These come in 4′ to 5′ sizes generally.  There are pod type individual deck rotary mowers that mulch as well. And walk behind heavy duty rotary’s for bankings and road sides, nettles and so on. Normally 36″, 48″, 54″ up to 60″ sized machines.  Please remember, we only do commercial quality mowers, – ie. heavy duty build quality for serious work loads!


John Deere X740 For Sale – Diesel Mower Collector

Description – This is a nice example of a popular machine. It is a Diesel Engine, Hydrostatic Transmission, Machine, so easy to drive, with power steering.

It has done 2550 hours, and comes with a large grass collector, that empties by hydraulic tipping. It is quite a decent sized / substantial machine, with a 54″ deck.

The grass is taken from the deck by a large fan that blows the grass into the collector.

  • The machine will be fully checked through, and serviced, with all issues addressed.
  • The mower will leave here ready for work.
  • Price guide is £4400 plus vat.

Jacobsen AR250 For Sale – Pod mower Mulching Ground hugging 2.5 m cut.

Description -This is a big wide mower, that will make a great job, and will mow short. It has 5 cutter units that are all quite small, and follow the ground independantly of each other.  So a good job is made on undulating ground. Total mow width is 2.5 metres per pass. Cut height adjustable between 3/4 inch and 3 1/2 ” with lots of options in between.

The mower has a Kubota 4 cylinder turbo charged engine, and hydrostatic transmission. And is 4 wheel drive with power steering.

The mulching type pods mean it will suit sports fields and school playing field type of work, without the need to collect!

  • The machine will be fully gone through, serviced, sharpened and prepared for work.
  • Delivery can be arranged, and our warranty is possible, for peace of mind.
  • Price guide for this machine, is £5750 plus vat. Talk to us if interested.

Kubota F3680 For Sale – 60″ Outfront Collector

This machine is ideal where manouverability of the deck is important. For mowing round multiple obstacles. And with it being in front of you easy to see what is goin on, and to place the deck exactly where you want it. Made by one of the market leaders – Kubota! 60″ front mounted rotary deck with 3 rotors. Hydrostatic transmission and power steering. Diesel engine.  It has done low hours and is in very good condition. There is with it, but not currently fitted, a large high lift collector, and blower kit to assist filling the collector.

The machine will be supplied, fully serviced, checked over and ready for work.  Our warranty is available for extra peace of mind.  Delivery is possible.

Only this one available and our preparation makes it low a low risk investment! Come and have a look and a chat about the details.

  • Price for this low hour machine fully serviced and warranty, delivery possible.
  • Is £7450 plus vat, other options available, please ask.

All Plus VAT

Scag 36″ Zero Turn For Sale – Walk Behind Rotary Petrol engine.

Bankings, Road sides, Weeds, Paddocks etc

This is a newer type Scag, with 36″ rear discharge deck. It has a Kawasaki V-Twin petrol engine.  ANd 2 hydro pumps, contorlable by left and right levers, meaning it turns itself and will turn in its own space.  Very tidy and ready for work.  They are designed for Steep bankings, road side verges, weed and thistle and rushes.  Often used for paths through forrests etc. Easy to transport and rugged build quality.  Well liked and popular type of machine. We also have an older Ferris 48″ machine, same design.

  • Price for this machine includes service and check over. Ready for work.
  • £1875 plus vat. In stock now. 1 only.

All Plus VAT

Examples of Rotary mowers we source occasionally: