Cylinder Mowers

These mowers we specialise in and usually have a choice available in stock

Cylinder mowers are the most popular mowers that we sell.  Cylinder is named for the red spiral part that turns, (forming a cylinder when spinning), and this blade cuts against a fixed bottom blade.  This gives a positive cut, one blade against another, like scissors, which gives a clean controllable cut, where a nice finish is required. Examples of cuts that are normally produced using a cylinder mower are; large lawns, sports fields, cricket grounds, football pitches and golf fairways. The options in cylinder mowers are; the 2130 highway, the 2250 parkway, the 3520 commander and sets of gangs.

Ransomes Highway 2130 Ride on Cylinder Mower

Nearly always available and a brilliant machine. This is a self-propelled machine with Kubota 4 cylinder 33 hp. diesel engine and 3 cutter heads with 200mm diameter sports cutters. Generally considered a heavy duty commercial machine like most of the mowers we sell, they are designed to cut large areas regularly, working every day and lasting many years. Cut width approx 7’. A much improved machine over the old model (213) with much improved transmission and wheel motors, a more powerful engine, better cutter heads and easier to adjust and set up. Can be 4 wheel drive or just 2. Can have roll bar, road lights etc. Cab can be available but are rare. The advantage with these machines is that you do not need a tractor to mow grass. We also repair and service these machines, and stock spare engines, transmissions, cutter heads, pumps, in fact virtually everything for them, which is why we can offer such a comprehensive warranty. No facility to collect grass, but the way it cuts ‘sprinkles’ grass back into ground. Various options available in terms of age & condition. Ideal for cricket outfields, other sports fields or general mowing where nice finish is required. Floating heads can be fitted if required.

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  • Price Range from £2000 to £10 000.00
  • Made between year 2000 and 2012.
  • £4000 – £6000 buys a good tidy machine fully gone through
  • And guaranteed.
  • Low risk investment, will last years if looked after!

Guide only.

All Plus VAT

Cylinder Mowers 2130
Cylinder Mower 2130

Ransomes Parkway 2250-plus. Ride-on Cylinder Mower

A brilliant machine and always in stock. Self propelled machine with Kubota 38 hp diesel engine. This machine is virtually same as previous machine (the 2130), but with larger magna 250 mm diameter cutter units and 4 wheel drive, larger wheels.  We can fit this machine with sports cutters if required.  The 2250 Plus is more suited to rugby, football, fields, parks etc. as it will cope with longer grass, say one to two weeks growth, but will also cut down to 13mm, so is very flexible. Cut width approx 7’. Various options and conditions available. All parts in stock for these. Made from year 2000 onwards. We think we know these machines inside out.

  • Price Range from £2000 to £10 000.00
  • Made between year 2000 and 2012.
  • £4000 – £6000 buys a good tidy machine fully gone through
    And guaranteed.
  • Low risk investment, will last years if looked after!

All Plus VAT

CylinderMower Parkway 2250
Cylinder Mower Parkway 2250

Ransomes Commander 3520 Self Propelled Diesel Ride on Mower with 5 cutter units.

Cutting approx 11’2” wide and a strong heavy duty commercial machine. Availability can be difficult but we will try and source one to suit your requirements. Usually with heavy duty 250 mm diameter cutter units. These are large and heavy machines (2.2 tonnes). Many options available in terms of age and condition the following being simply a guideline price to purchase one in reasonably good condition, checked over, serviced and set up. New they cost around £45000 + VAT.  We currently have 2 commanders available, a year 2001 and a year 2006, both fully, thoroughly, gone through. Ring or Email for details. 

  • Guide Price £4000 – £9000 for a year 2000 to 2008

All Plus VAT

Ransomes 3520 commander
Ransomes 3520 commander
Grass Mowing World Option 1

AUCTION TERMS plus a bit

  • The same as buying a second hand machine at an auction or privately but safer.
  • You can look at the machine and see it running and working to check it is suitable.
  • The cheapest option available, but you are responsible if anything goes wrong in the future, faulty gearbox, overheats etc.
Grass Mowing World Option 2

CHECKED OVER & gone through

  • We will check all major functions are working, the machine will leave here in working condition.
  • Oil levels checked, adjusted to its optimum settings.
  • Any major faults corrected that will stop it being used, not fully serviced, not sharpened, but fit to use.
  • Limited warranty ie. that it is what we say it is. subject to availability of suitable machine.
Grass Mowing World Option 3


  • All critical areas repaired, re-conditioned and in good working condition.
  • Set up ready to go. Cutter heads stripped and re-built ready for work, new cylinder bearings where required.
  • Cutting cylinders with plenty of wear left on, bottom blades good with plenty of wear and sharpened. Any badly worn or rotten parts replaced.
  • Ready for trouble free work, fully lubricated, not repainted. Exact details flexible – Subject to discussion. Please remember this option is a lot more than most second hand dealers offer. We are Ransomes experts.
  • 3 months warranty as per our normal terms. Details on request. All put in writing in advance and deposit required before work commences.
Option 4 Grass Mowing World

Fully Re-Conditioned

  • Fully gone through and all wear rectified. fully serviced.
  • New cylinders, new bottom blades, new bearings stripped and lubricated. new rear rollers. exact details to be discussed and confirmed in advance of completing a deal.
  • New oils and filters throughout. Fully repainted (cutter heads only on 2130/2250) all adjusters stripped and lubricated.
  • 12 months warranty subject to our normal terms. Details on request. All put in writing in advance and deposit required before work commences.