Gang Mowers

These mowers we specialise in and usually have a choice available in stock

Gang mowers are a set of 3, 5 or 7 individual cutters, all joined together to make one large cut width/machine. They can be driven by their own wheels, just towed along or driven from the tractor via hydraulics. Gang mowers include, Ransomes 214, hydraulic mounted 5, TG 3400, TG 4650 and trailed gangs 3 set, trailed gangs 5 set.

Below you will find a selection of our most popular models. All price options are flexible and open for discussion. Everybody wants something different and budgets can be limited, so please feel free to discuss any alternatives you may be considering. The following options are a good guide not the final word.

Please remember we carry stock of good second hand parts for most of the machines we sell, and in a lot of cases that can save you a lot of money. We do use new parts in some instances, but in approx 80% of cases, good, checked, used parts are just as suitable and less than half the cost of new parts. So running costs, and ownership, can be greatly reduced over the years.

Ransomes 214 Tractor Mounted Set 3 Gang Mower

Simple fitting onto 3 point linkage of any tractor – 24 horse power or larger. Hydraulic drive from PTO. Very easy to operate – no technical controls. Cut width 7’ and a very high quality of finish without the need to collect grass. As with all cylinder mowers the cut quality is excellent and the cut grass is ‘sprinkled’ back onto the ground, to quickly disappear and feed the growing grass. Most sports clubs use cylinder mowers today. Will cut short enough for cricket or golf on sports cutter heads, if required, or can be simply set to leave grass longer. Also available with the 10” magna cutters for cutting longer grass like parks or lawns, football and rugby etc. A popular machine and flexible. Floating cutter heads available at extra cost.

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Ransomes 214
Ransomes 214

Ransomes Trailed Gangs Wheel Driven Set 3, Simple & Reliable

3 Cutter Heads from the Ransomes Stable, of the traditional wheel driven design. Approx 7’ cut width. These are the simplest and probably the most reliable, considered by many to be ‘bullet proof’ gang mowers. All you need do is pull them along, the wheels on each cutter unit drive the cutting cylinder. They are available with either sports cutter heads (7” diameter) or the 10” diameter cutter (magna unit).  The Sports cutter head is suitable for sports fields or lawns where a close and top quality cut is required, e.g. cricket outfield or golf fairway, good lawn.  The 10” diameter cutter is ideal for slightly longer grass, parkland, rugby or football pitches etc, and can cope with grass that is less frequently cut. They are available in a simple trailed format, simply towing them round the field or grass area, or in a tractor linkage mounted version, where they are simply lowered down to mow, or lifted up for easy transport from site to site. Different specs. Are subject to availability.

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Ransomes Trailed 3 set

Ransomes Trailed Gangs Wheel Driven Set 5, Simple & Reliable

The same unit as the Ransomes Trailed Gangs Wheel Driven Set 3 above but with 5 Cutter Heads. Cutting width – 11’6” approx. Sports (7”) cutters or Magna (10”) option. Only available as towed – drag along, not liftable or foldable, but they do easily come apart into individual cutters for easier transport or storage. We regularly repair, re-build and stock all parts for these mowers. Sets of 7 also available. Please ring for friendly help & advice.

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Grass Mowing World

Ransomes Mounted Hydraulic 5 Gang Mower Tractor Linkage Mounted

5 Cutter Head for mounting on a Tractor 3 Point Linkage (minimum 45 horse power tractor required). Cutting 11’ 6” wide approx. Powered by PTO on tractor, driving hydraulic system, giving positive cut and more options for a quality finish. A very simple machine easy to operate & set up. One lever operation, and generally gives an excellent finish; – if required short enough for cricket or golf. This machine is only available with the 7” sports cutter, but choice of 4 or 6 blades per cutter depending on application. Floating heads also possible at extra cost.

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Grass Mowing World

Ransomes TG 3400. 5 Heads Trailed chassis PTO Driven

5 Cutter Head trailed machine, hydraulic driven via Tractor PTO, (Min tractor size 45 horse power), chassis mounted and hydraulic folding for easy transportation. Easily put onto tractor, just like towing a trailer! Cut Width approx 11’ 2” or 3.4 metres. This machine was introduced in 1997 approx. and is a much improved version of the previous machine. The latest Ransomes Machine, with the latest cutter heads, incorporating tapered bearings, heavy duty rear rollers, easy cutter adjustment and lots more. Cable controls replace complicated and unreliable electric controls. A strong machine designed for heavy usage, and will cope with parkland (longer grass) or mow right down to golf fairway or cricket outfield length. Choice of 7” sports cutter for the shortest cut, or the normal spec.: 10” cutter heads for more general purpose mowing. Cut quality easily set by the setting of the cut height and the choice of forward speed by the tractor driver. We often repair, rebuild and service these machines, all parts are normally available. The machine carries up to a 12 month guarantee. (Other alternatives available, please contact us).

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Grass Mowing World

Ransomes TG 4650. 7 heads Trailed Chassis PTO Driven

7 Cutter Heads trailed machine on chassis, hydraulic driven by Tractor PTO, cutting approx 4.65 metres wide. Otherwise machine details as TG 3400 above. Subject to availability.

  • Please ring to discuss the price – Thank you

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Grass Mowing World Option 1

AUCTION TERMS plus a bit

  • The same as buying a second hand machine at an auction or privately but safer.
  • You can look at the machine and see it running and working to check it is suitable.
  • The cheapest option available, but you are responsible if anything goes wrong in the future, faulty gearbox, overheats etc.
Grass Mowing World Option 2

CHECKED OVER & gone through

  • We will check all major functions are working, the machine will leave here in working condition.
  • Oil levels checked, adjusted to its optimum settings.
  • Any major faults corrected that will stop it being used, not fully serviced, not sharpened, but fit to use.
  • Limited warranty ie. that it is what we say it is. subject to availability of suitable machine.
Grass Mowing World Option 3


  • All critical areas repaired, re-conditioned and in good working condition.
  • Set up ready to go. Cutter heads stripped and re-built ready for work, new cylinder bearings where required.
  • Cutting cylinders with plenty of wear left on, bottom blades good with plenty of wear and sharpened. Any badly worn or rotten parts replaced.
  • Ready for trouble free work, fully lubricated, not repainted. Exact details flexible – Subject to discussion. Please remember this option is a lot more than most second hand dealers offer. We are Ransomes experts.
  • 3 months warranty as per our normal terms. Details on request. All put in writing in advance and deposit required before work commences.
Option 4 Grass Mowing World

Fully Re-Conditioned

  • Fully gone through and all wear rectified. fully serviced.
  • New cylinders, new bottom blades, new bearings stripped and lubricated. new rear rollers. exact details to be discussed and confirmed in advance of completing a deal.
  • New oils and filters throughout. Fully repainted (cutter heads only on 2130/2250) all adjusters stripped and lubricated.
  • 12 months warranty subject to our normal terms. Details on request. All put in writing in advance and deposit required before work commences.

Note. If you are mechanically minded options 2 or 3 (or somewhere between the two) could be ideal, saving you money, and we will always help with advice and cheaper second hand parts, should you end up with a problem, it won’t cost a fortune.