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Other mowers we stock are subject to availability. We hold different stock through the year. Our main and most popular machines are Cylinder and Gang Mowers and hold them in stock.

This category mainly covers flail mowers,  which we do occasionally get in stock.  Flail mowers which can be any size, tractor mounted, or towed like a trailer and driven by a tractor, or smaller self propelled, either ride on or walk behind.  And with them, as they do a similar job, rough cut walk behind or ride on rotarys, like a Ferris or Scag, and are for roadsides, steep bankings, long grass only mown occasionally, or where there may be litter, tins cans, bottles, or large weeds, thistles, rough ground etc.  So both flail and rough cut rotarys can be used in similar situations to do similar jobs.

There are some higher quality finish flail mowers coming on the market now, but there is still some proving and testing to do, and rotarys are the more common option for a lot of applications. Sizes of flail mowers can vary vastly, and can be self propelled or walk behind, but we only get occasional examples in.  Please ring Grass Mowing World with your requirements.


Amazon GHD 180 For Sale – Towed Flail Mower Collector (Leaf Collector also)

Description – Please contact us

  • This is a tractor towed pto driven large flail mower collector.  In good condition.
  • Machine will be fully checked over and serviced before it goes.  Or is available at trade price if you wish to do this yourself.

Price is £2250  Plus VAT

Examples of Flail and Rough Cut Rotarys:

Grass Mowing World - Second Hand Mower Specialist
Ferris Mower
Grass Mowing World - Second Hand Mower Specialist
Grass Mowing World - Second Hand Mower Specialist